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單筆消費滿3000可享全家店到店免運 單筆消費滿5000可享新竹宅配免運(僅限台灣地區)


It was in the early spring of 2018 that Gallant Outdoor® was established. For the first time, that the two founders, who are close friends, came across outdoor camping together and experienced the camping life they'd never had before. Nevertheless, they never thought that they would fall in love with nature at the first touch. As designers, they believe that outdoor camping can be fashionable and cool at the same time. With such spirit, Gallant Outdoor® design is started up.
The essence of the logo design is based on the mountain. It symbolizes the magnificence of the mountain and the precious treasure of life, and represents that Gallant Outdoor® will continue to develop and innovate its own products. Thus, everyone may see that this brand belongs to Taiwan and aspires to become the number one outdoor brand in Taiwan.
Respecting creation and design, Gallant Outdoor® has never stopped challenging itself. Any tiny details would never ever be left out, despite how trivial it may seem like.  Dedicated in providing delicate design with fine quality. Quality control is all from the founder's own layers of control, since what we want to offer is not only good products but also excellent quality to you who trust us.